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Heat Advisory August 28-29, 2023

Stay cool, Burbank! We're expecting higher temps today and tomorrow. No AC? No worries - our local libraries, the mall, and the movie theaters offer cool, fun refuge. Pro tip: Close your shades during the day to reduce indoor heat. Be safe and stay hydrated 💧

Watch for the signs and seek medical care immediately if you have or someone you know has symptoms of heat-related illness. Warning signs and symptoms vary but may include:

  • Heat Exhaustion - heavy sweating, weakness, cold, pale, clammy skin, fast, weak pulse, nausea or vomiting, and fainting.
  • Heat Stroke - High body temperature (above 103 degrees F), hot, red, dry or moist skin, rapid and strong pulse, possible unconsciousness.

Published on: August 28, 2023
01:07 AM