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Important Message About Fireworks Safety in Burbank

As the 4th of July holiday approaches, we are reminded that all fireworks, including “Safe and Sane”, are illegal in the City of Burbank. Our enforcement and public education efforts in the past have paid off in reducing fireworks in our community along with associated injuries.  We expect increased use of fireworks in the public as people celebrate at home, which may create a higher volume of calls for fire, investigation, or firework induced injury. The City of Burbank Starlight Bowl fireworks show will have a live audience this year and increases in community celebrations are anticipated.  In preparation for the holiday and show, we will plan the following:

Magnetic Rig Signage

All Fire apparatus will place magnetic “Fireworks are Illegal” signage on all front-line apparatus from June 18- July 5.

July 4th Staffing

The department will augment staffing to deploy Engine 711, Patrol 11, and Battalion 11 for the Starlight Bowl detail on July 4th, 2022The Fire Marshal will be assigned to assist and monitor the fireworks display before, during and after the show. 

Monday, July 4th 

To help keep our community safe, all Fire companies shall patrol their districts from 1900-2100 hours to assist in the City’s firework use prevention effort.  It is the intent of this patrol to project our message that fireworks are illegal while at the same time projecting a positive image of our Firefighters that protect and serve our community. If fireworks are encountered, patrolling companies will address any immediate danger or life safety hazard present.  Coordinator 1 will be the liaison with BPD to receive surrendered fireworks and educate on the legal ramifications for their use.  If there is intent to surrender fireworks, Captains will notify Coordinator 1 to respond to the address to take possession of the fireworks and to complete the fireworks surrender document. 

Volunteer Patrols

July 2nd- three to four volunteer patrols (2000 to 2330)

July 3rd- four volunteer patrols out (2000 to 2330)

July 4th- six to seven volunteer patrols (1900 to 0100)

Volunteer patrols will contact those using “safe & sane” fireworks and provide public information handouts and inform them that ALL fireworks are illegal in the City of Burbank.  When patrols observe non-safe & sane fireworks (aerials, etc.), they will observe from a distance and report the location to Coordinator 1 and/or BPD for response. Law enforcement will take appropriate action as needed.

Be safe and have a great holiday,

Published on: June 27, 2022
11:11 AM