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Notice from BWP About State-Wide Flex Alert

Burbank, CA (August 17, 2022) You may be hearing about a State-wide Flex Alert asking Californians to reduce their electricity use to prevent power outages in the news. This alert was issued by the California Independent System Operator, or CAISO, who manages most of California's power grid, but not Burbank’s.

If Burbank’s reliability is at risk, we will send you a direct request to conserve.

With higher temperatures forecasted this weekend, we encourage you to conserve as you usually would. Here are some things that you can do to reduce your electricity use in the afternoons and evenings:

✅  Set your air conditioner thermostat to 78° or higher.

✅. Use large appliances before 3 PM or after 10 PM.

✅. Turn off all unnecessary lights and appliances.

✅. Keep the refrigerator door closed.

For more conservation and energy-saving tips, visit our website at

Published on: August 17, 2022
08:37 AM