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Police Department Press Release: Armed Robbery Suspects Arrested

Burbank, California (February 16, 2024) – Three suspects have been arrested in connection to several armed robberies, including two in Burbank.

In the early morning hours of February 2, 2024, a man armed with a handgun entered the 7-Eleven convenience store, located at 3523 W. Burbank Boulevard. The suspect pointed a firearm at the store clerk and forced him behind the counter. The suspect ordered the clerk to open the register and then removed the cash. The suspect also took the clerk’s wallet before fleeing.

Just after midnight on February 8, 2024, two suspects entered another 7-Eleven, located at 2000 N. Hollywood Way, and pointed a handgun at the clerk. One suspect removed the clerk’s wallet and then ordered him to open both cash registers. Both suspects removed cash from the registers and fled.
Burbank Police Detectives investigating these robberies identified the vehicle used in the commission of the crimes and learned the same suspects were most likely responsible for at least eight additional armed robberies in Los Angeles and Orange County counties.

With the assistance of the Burbank Police Helicopter, Burbank Police Detectives located and established a surveillance of the suspect vehicle on Tuesday, February 13th. Around midnight, the vehicle, occupied by three suspects, drove to the City of Downey, where they attempted to commit a robbery at a donut shop and fled the scene in the car. Detectives contacted the donut shop clerk and confirmed the suspects indeed attempted to commit an armed robbery while inside. The suspects were followed to West Los Angeles, where they were stopped by Burbank Police Detectives. The suspects were arrested near Arlington Avenue and Pico Boulevard in the Arlington Heights area.

At the time of the stop, the suspects were wearing the same distinct clothing and were in possession of the same handgun used in the prior robberies.

The suspects have been identified as 48-year-old Abigail Luckey, a resident of Los Angeles, 34-year-old Antonio Bland, a resident of Lancaster, and 22-year-old Ronnie Tucker, a resident of Long Beach. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office filed five counts of robbery on Bland and Tucker as well as one count of attempted robbery on Bland, Tucker, and Luckey.

The Burbank Police Department is grateful for the collaborative effort with multiple law enforcement agencies, to include LAPD, Glendale PD, Tustin PD, Torrance PD, and Downey PD who assisted with this investigation. Many hours of follow-up investigation and surveillance resulted in the safe apprehension of the suspects.



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Published on: February 16, 2024
03:10 PM