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There are currently no opportunities available at this time. Most opportunities occur in the summer. Please check back for regular updates. 

Intern Supervision

The City Attorney's Office is a full service office made up of three units:

  1. Departmental Services and Administration

  2. Litigation

  3. Prosecution

Each Unit can provide an intern with exposure to a variety of legal matters, issues and challenges under the supervision of an assigned attorney.  

Intern's Role

The role of the intern is to assist attorneys in research or drafting legal documents, such as a motion in a lawsuit.

The position offers the opportunity to observe attorneys in trials, depositions, or meetings. It also provides interns who are court-certified an opportunity to represent the City as the prosecutor in criminal matters. Such representation is done under the guidance of an experienced attorney.

Internships Are Unpaid

Internship opportunities with the City of Burbank are unpaid, however, students have completed externships in exchange for course credits. 

How to Qualify and Apply

An intern must have completed the first year of law school to qualify for an internship.

If you are interested in applying for an internship, please send a cover letter describing the area of law you are interested in, your resume, a writing sample and a list of references to [email protected].

Once your packet has been received, qualified candidates may be invited for interviews. If you are selected for an internship, you will have to complete a background check prior to start.