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Homeless Incentive  Program

Homelessness Incentive Plan

The Burbank Housing Authority (BHA) is proud to introduce the Homeless Incentive Program (HIP): an approach to ending homelessness in Los Angeles County. The HIP encourages landlord acceptance of tenants with a Housing voucher issued by BHA. Funding for the program comes as part of the Homeless Prevention Initiative, a collaborative effort between multiple county agencies funded by Measure H funding, and includes the following components:

Holding Fee: lncentivizes landlords to rent housing units to homeless individuals and families by offering one month's free rent to hold available units while applicants are referred.

Move-In Assistance: Provides move-in assistance such as security deposit, utility assistance, and furniture essentials.

Damage Claims: Provides a financial safety net to landlords for unit costs beyond the security deposit.

Landlords participating:

  • Receive up to one month's free rent to hold vacant units.

  • Receive expedited housing quality standards inspections.

  • Have a dedicated staff person to assist with concerns.

  • Receive qualified referrals to fill vacancies.

  • Receive reliable rental payments from BHA.

  • Receive access to funds for unit costs beyond normal wear and tear once the family moves.

​​​​For more information, please contact us via email at homelessinfo@burbankca.gov, or call (818) 238-5180.