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Where It Goes

Not sure which container to place your materials in? Use our search tool to find out! 
Acceptable Items (Must be 4" or larger in size)
  • Newspapers
  • Cans, emptied and rinsed (aluminum and tin/steel)
  • Cans, aerosol, non-hazardous, and completly empty
  • Glass bottles and jars, emptied and rinsed 
  • Plastics
    • #1 - bottles and jars only
    • #2 - bottles and jugs
    • #5 - tubs, yogurt containers, coffee can lids, etc. (no black)
  • Magazines, catalogs, and phone books
  • Junk mail, ads, office paper, cereal boxes (loose or in paper bags)
  • Cardboard, all kinds (clean half/lid of pizza boxes)
    • Please remove all packaging/plastic wrap and tape.
Prohibited Items
  • Paper that has touched food (napkins, plates, cups, towels, tissues, food wrappers, frozen food boxes,  soiled portion of pizza boxes)
  • Polystyrene Foam or Styrofoam
  • Plastic bags
  • Carbon papers
  • Metallic papers
  • Tissue/toilet paper
  • Garbage
  • Shredded paper
    • This can be placed in a paper bag and dropped off directly to the Recycle Center. 
Acceptable Items
  • Household trash
  • Dirt*
  • Horse manure
Prohibited Items
  • Household hazardous waste (paints, pesticides, medicines, chemicals, hair spray, etc.)
  • Liquid such as gas and oil
  • Hot ashes and coal
  • Dead animals**
*Containers can accommodate no more than 200 pounds. Please do not overload them with large quantities of sand, soil, or other heavy materials. Overloaded containers will be tagged and not emptied until materials are offloaded. 

**Contact the Burbank Animal Shelter at
(818) 238-3340 for more information about animals. 
Acceptable Items
  • Yard Trimmings (leaves, grass clippings*, branches, brush, twigs, shrubs, hedges, etc.)
  • Fallen fruit from trees
  • Untreated, unpainted, metal-free wood 
    • Please cut pieces to fit into the containter so the lid can close.
Prohibited Items
  • Household items 
  • Plastic bags
  • Pet waste 
  • Horse manure
  • Food
  • Dirt
Greenwaste and anything else that comes from the garden will be composted. Backyard composting is a great way to recycle greenwaste! Visit our composting page for more information or to request a City-provided compost bin (free to Burbank residents). 
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