Artist Co-op 7 is a group of approximately fifty artists who support the artistic and spiritual growth of each member. The founding members and teachers were students of the late Dr. Alexander Vilumsons, an inspiring and innovative educator and an accomplished artist who taught at UC Santa Cruz, UCLA, and Everywoman’s Village in Van Nuys, California. Dr. Vilumsons’ artistic principles and process of self-discovery became the basis of the Co-op’s philosophy.

Our objective is to continually strive to create and maintain an environment in which each individual can experience and develop their unique creativity through classroom study programs, workshops and demonstrations, retreats and field trips, and varied exhibition opportunities arranged by the Co-op. We do not seek a unity of expression but rather a diversity of creative ideas, distinguished by the integration of color and form, with both power and sensitivity in a variety of media and subjects.

Joi Wilson 
My philosophy: One's joy of art can only grow; it can never diminish because it is eternal.  As long as I can remember, I have been an artist. I have taken Artist Co-op 7 painting classes for over two decades. I like to use bold colors in my work and paint with sensitivity to detail, choosing subjects with a story behind them, a special meaning that touches people's hearts.

Carla Simonian
My art celebrates color, form, and texture and explores the relationship between light shadow, and atmosphere.
Through my art, spiritual, positive emotions energize and complete me as an artist. My personal growth has been accomplished by embracing experimentation with all types of mediums. Enthusiastic curiosity has shown me whatever I choose to create. This amazing journey is just the beginning for me.

Carol Schindelheim 
"Fueled by a desire to seize the essence of now, my artistry strives to go beyond simple depiction. The pulse and rhythm of life, the 'action' over the 'object,' is where I find my artistic exhilaration."
Visual art can have an emotional connection that brings a new awareness to the artist as well as to the viewer.
As a young girl, I studied ballet and then in college, I furthered my studies in dance and art. Both areas create movement and form which I try to express in my work.
My experience with contour drawing brings out the power within each of us to convey the spontaneity of the "child" in all of us

Karen Alpert Entous
"Painting has become my personal reality. The medium may change from watercolor, pen and ink, collage, oil, or soft pastels, however, each painting has merit and stands on its own. Adding more colors inspires me. I am discovering and getting lost in the process. When I stand back and view the results, I have my aha moments.
When the audience views my work, they relate to their own personal experiences and that is rewarding. The feedback I receive has only encouraged me to continue."

Susan Spector is a contemporary painter working in Los Angeles, CA. She expresses current social, cultural, and feminist issues with paint and relief printing. Spector has exhibited in California and NYC and is collected nationally. She has had two solo shows at TAG Gallery in Los Angeles, and a Pop-Up show in Culver City, CA. Her artwork has been featured in several volumes of Studio Visit Magazine and the soon to be published volume 53/54.

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