2020 Youth Art Expo

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The City of Burbank Parks & Recreation Department and the Burbank Fine Arts Federation wish to thank the 1,725 participants who submitted entries to this year's Youth Art Expo. We would also like to extend our appreciation to the 100 teachers throughout Burbank who collected and submitted artwork on behalf of their students. Thank you to all the students who participated and congratulations to all the featured artist, we hope you continue to pursue the arts! 

This year’s Youth Art Expo is truly unique and one that aims to bring people together at a time when we are unfortunately not able to gather physically to celebrate these incredibly talented artists. In light of this, we have presented this year’s show through digital means bringing The Great ARTdoors to your home. Please enjoy the online gallery showcasing all 235 featured artists whose artwork was selected to be displayed. You are also invited to view the virtual video tour taking you on a brief journey throughout our gallery. Lastly, please join us in the celebration of the 18 award-winning artists by viewing the video below. See the full Event Program.   

While enjoying The Great ARTdoors exhibit, you may notice an abundance of butterflies throughout the gallery. In an effort to include as many students into this year’s show as possible, each student was encouraged to decorate their own butterfly to be displayed in the show. A friendly reminder that each student has the ability to blossom with opportunity and encouragement. Thank you to all the students who helped transform the gallery into a vibrant and creative space!  

Please share this page with family, friends, and art lovers. The talent of Burbank’s youth is truly amazing and despite current events, these artists deserve to be celebrated and recognized. We will provide updates should other opportunities to recognize the award-winning artists become available.  

The 2020 Youth Art Expo is co-sponsored by the City of Burbank’s Park and Recreation Department and Fine Arts Federation.  The Fine Arts Federation is a non-profit organization that supports the Arts in Burbank and continues to be a huge help behind the scenes.

Youth Art Expo 2020 Winners
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