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Held on the last Wednesday of the month from February - October. Sign up for our next workshop to learn how to reduce your carbon footprint and transform your yard's soil!  


What is Compost?

Compost is a dark, crumbly, sweet, earthy-smelling form of decomposing organic matter.

Composting is the natural breakdown of organic materials by living organisms. In a meadow or on the forest floor, dead plants decay and many of the nutrients that plants take up during their life are released back into the soil forming compost.

Why Compost?

Backyard composting is a simple, convenient way to turn yard waste into a rich soil amendment. It greatly reduces the volume of yard trimmings and food scraps normally disposed of and produces a rich soil amendment that:

  • Reduces the need for commercial fertilizers and pesticides

  • Improves drainage and loosens heavy clay soils

  • Conserves moisture in light sandy soils

  • Produces healthier plants and slows evaporation, which reduces water usage

  • Saves money on fertilizers and water

  • Reduces the need for City collection of yard waste

Burbank's Residential Backyard Composting Program

Since December 1989, the City of Burbank has provided residents with free composting instruction and top-quality composters (a $99 value). This popular program has played an essential part in the City’s ability to divert 50% of its waste from the landfill as required by State law. 
Free composting bin requests must be scheduled in advance.  
  • Burbank residents only; 1 unit per household
  •  Email requests at compost@burbankca.gov 
  • Schedule a pick up time (Available Mon-Fri 10a-4p)
  • Pick up at the Burbank Recycle Center's offices at  500 S. Flower
  • Bring I.D. showing address
    • New residents can bring their I.D. and a recent utility bill to show Burbank address
  • Fill out composting card
Dimensions and compost bin product information:  Free Garden Earth, from Enviroworld 

Homegrown Composting Workshops: Attending Burbank Recycle Center's compost workshop webinar is not required but highly encouraged for a better composting experience!  
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