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Universal and Household Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste Intro

What is The Drop Zone?

The Drop Zone is a universal waste recycling drop off service for Burbank residents (must show I.D.).
We only accept e-waste, batteries, bulbs, and used motor oil & antifreeze. 
Cooking and other oils are not accepted. 

We are located at 500 S. Flower St. and open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
On weekends, Los Angeles county residents can take universal waste items to an LA S.A.F.E. Center.

It is illegal in California to dispose of batteries in the trash or recycling containers.  Because many types of batteries contain chemicals that can ignite, it is important to dispose of them correctly by dropping them off at an official battery collection program. Visit our battery preparation page to prepare batteries for safe drop off. 

Step One: Prep and Protect the Terminals
Single Use - AAA, AA, C, D: These don’t require special taping or handling.

Single Use - Coin cell and lithum: Bag each battery by itself, separately.    

Rechargables and 6 or 9 volt:  To properly secure a battery, place a piece of tape over the positive terminal end so that it does not come into contact with metal or other batteries. (Use clear packing, non-conductive electrical or duct tape—NO MASKING TAPE)  Place enough tape to safely cover the positive terminal but keep the label visible. Keep in mind, every battery that is recycled is sorted by type and chemistry so avoid wrapping the entire battery in tape or taping different chemistries together.
Step Two—Bag
Place batteries into a secured, clear  plastic produce or sandwich bag and drop off at a S.A.F.E. Collection Center or the Burbank Recycle Center.
Only Burbank residents can drop off at Burbank Recycle Center’s Drop Zone.

CalRecycle’s Other Ways You Can Help:

Already have rechargeable batteries that need to be recycled? Find additional drop off options at www.call2recycle.org for rechargeable batteries. Please do not put single use batteries in these collection bins.

  • Look for Portable Electronic Devices that Do Not Use Batteries.
    Some devices instead use a capacitor that is recharged, typically by shaking the device or by normal use rather than batteries. See Alternative Power Products for details.

  • Reduce. Use single-use batteries wisely to avoid unnecessary replacement and disposal.

Did you know that we operate Burbank's only self-service draining program? This means you can keep your container, if you desire, when you bring your used motor oil to the Drop Zone for recycling. We also pay you back ten cents per quart (maximum 20 gallons). 

Not a Burbank resident or need to drop off on a Saturday? There are additional motor oil recycling options at these Used Oil Certified Collection Centers.

Benefits of Recycling Used Motor Oil

It takes 42 gallons of crude oil, but only one gallon of used oil, to produce 2 ½ quarts of new lubricating oil. Used motor oil can be re-refined into new lubricants, burned as fuel, or re-refined and made into a high-quality motor oil.

Protect Our Waterways
Oil poured into the trash, down household drains, into storm drains, or directly onto the ground pollutes groundwater, streams, rivers, and lakes. Recycling oil not only protects the environment, it preserves non-renewable resources.

What is HHW?

What is Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)?

Almost every home has common household products containing chemicals that are harmful to humans, animals and the environment.  HHW includes items like cleaners, paints, herbicides, insecticides, and solvents. It is both dangerous and illegal to disposal of HHW in the garbage, recycling containers, down any drain, or on the ground.

Here is a list of what materials are banned from the landfill in the State of California that require special drop off. 

NEVER PLACE HHW IN YOUR CART OR BIN:  It's dangerous for our trucks, staff and facilities.
Do the right thing and take your HHW to the nearest drop-off facility or collection event – It’s FREE for residents! 

The Drop Zone does NOT accept HHW. 
View the sections below for additional information on how to responsibly dispose of HHW. 

The Burbank Recycle Center's Drop Zone does not accept medicines or sharps for drop off.  
Unused, unwanted, and expired medications (including narcotics) should NEVER go in the recycling, trash, or toilet but can be taken a HHW facility or event.


Local Retailer Take Back
Some pharmacy retailers now have convenient collection for used medications (sharps are not allowed) at 24-hour locations.

Sharps (Needles)

It is illegal to put sharps in the trash or recycling. Workers get hurt! 

View the sharps drop off instructions (PDF) before visiting the Drop Zone. 

To dispose of needles and sharps, place them in designated sharps containers and bring them to a hazardous waste facility.

If you don’t have access to a designated sharps container, you can use a #2 sturdy laundry detergent bottle as long as the cap is secured and clearly marked as “SHARPS”. 
(Only use large and sturdy bottles that keep the needles from poking out).

Paint is one of the most common HHW items but can be easily recycled into new products. The paint industry's product stewardship collection program, Paintcare, provides convenient drop-off with participating retailers or other HHW collection options. Visit Paintcare to learn about paint recycling collection programs near you and what they accept.

The Burbank Recycle Center's Drop Zone does not accept paint for drop off.  Please go to Paintcare.org for a listing of convenient local drop off options.
Visit CalRecycle for a complete list of prohibited items that cannot go in the trash and require HHW drop off in California.

The Burbank Recycle Center's Drop Zone only accepts e-waste, batteries, bulbs and used motor oil and antifreeze. Please go here for information on HHW (household hazardous waste) and responsible drop off options.
Most government sponsored drop-off programs are intended for residents and may have some restrictions for business. The Burbank Recycle Cennter's Drop Zone allows Burbank businesses to drop off small amounts of e-waste, batteries and bulbs (proof of Burbank address is required).  Please call our office in advance to review your items. 

If your business has a large amount of materials, it is recommended that you work with a specialized HHW collection company that can serve your specific needs. View the City of Los Angeles Conditionally Exempt Small Quality Generator (CESQG) program (PDF) for additional information. 
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