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Waste Warriors

Become a Waste Warrior and Help Your Community!

Burbank Waste Warriors (PDF) is an intensive training program for people who want to learn more about zero waste concepts and how to engage with their community, improve the environment, and shape the future.

The program involves eight diverse classes over a 3 month period (January through March) that cover all aspects of Zero Waste, including the 6 R’s of waste reduction:

  1. Refuse (Say no!)

  2. Reduce (Do I need it?)

  3. Reuse (Donate or repurpose it)

  4. Recycle (Sort and send it on )

  5. Rot (Compost)

  6. Rethink (Redesigning our systems, habits, and mindsets)

Classes are either on Saturday mornings or Wednesday evenings, every 10 days for greater schedule flexibility.  (You still get some Saturdays to yourself!) Registration for the current session is closed. Interested in joining next year? Come back and sign up on November 1, 2022 for the 2023 class.

Classes include hands-on projects, tours, and guest speakers and instruction from professionals at the Burbank Recycle Center. Class schedules, class prep homework, and communications will go through a project management tool, Slack. 

NOTE: You will be required to sign up for Slack and communicate through that program. Feel free to give us a call at (818) 238 - 3903 so we can walk you through this technology if you need help.   

Just because you go through the Waste Warior training doesn't mean your journey ends there.  Every student to the program joins other graduates in our growing community.  We share, network, join forces, mentor, brainstorm, and provide a community of neighbors who care about reducing waste.  Many alumni go on to further their education, form partnerships, become entreprenuers, join committees, volunteer or influence their workplaces, schools and networks. 

The Burbank Recycle Center staff hosts regular Waste Warrior alumni gatherings, including pot lucks, volunteer opportunities, and zoom sessions to keep each other inspired.