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Recruitment - Frequently Asked Questions

If you need assistance with completing an online application you may visit the City of Burbank Recruitment & Selection office, 301 East Olive Avenue, Burbank, CA 91502 or call 818-238-5021.

Online applications must be filled out completely and clearly show that you meet the minimum qualifications found on the job posting. Separate applications must be submitted for each job title. Applicants should notify Human Resources of any change of address and/or phone number.

An Open Competitive Recruitment is open to all candidates, whereas a Promotional Recruitment is open to current full-time City of Burbank employees who are in a Civil Service position and not in their probationary period.
When a candidate applies for an open position, the application process begins once the recruitment is closed. At this point, each application is individually reviewed for the following:
  • Content (are all fields answered)
  • Minimum qualifications
  • Supplemental Questions (when applicable)
  • Supporting Documentation (when applicable)
Typing Certificate Requirements
The Management Services Department requires that a certified typing certificate be submitted along with a City Employment Application for all positions that specify a typing test requirement prior to the final filing date listed on the job announcement. The certificate must be issued by an accredited school or agency and dated no later than one year prior to the final filing date listed on the job announcement.

Self-administered typing tests over the Internet will not be accepted.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that certificates issued by any agency meet the requirements stated below.

You may obtain a valid typing certificate at the City of Burbank Employment Connection (phone: 818-238-5600 or address: 110 North Glenoaks, Burbank CA 91502). 

 The typing certificate must contain the following to be accepted:
  • Agency's official emblem or business card
  • Name of applicant
  • Number of net words per minute (gross words per minute accepted only if it shows total number of errors)
  • Date of certificate (dated no later than one year prior to the final filing date listed on the job announcement)
  • Signature of person certifying the certificate
  • Address and telephone number of agency
You will get notified immediately that your application was submitted. If you participate in a recruitment exam, the result will be sent out via email in approximately two weeks.

No. Your application is only submitted electronically at which point you receive a confirmation email upon submission.

It depends, since the length of the recruitment is determined by the Department.

Recruitments can be opened for five business days and up to many months or may be opened until filled.

On average, a recruitment, from opening to a candidate staring with the City, can take approximately 45 - 60 days.
The City of Burbank written exmainations are create to test the skills, knowledges, and abilities needed in the position. We encourage all applicants to review the Essential Functions of the position and refresh the skills listed. We do not have study guides for any of our examinations.
Yes. Every recruitment is unique and you will need to apply for all new recruitments when we begin accepting applications.
No. You can re-apply immediately exept for Police Recruit and Police Lateral. You must wait 90 days to re-apply for Police Recruit and Police Lateral.

An employment list is a list of applicants that passed the recruitment testing process for a position and are eligible to be hired for that position.

The City of Burbank employment lists are valid for at least six months, but can be up to 18 months. Safety position's employment lists are valid for two years. 
Once a department receives the certified Employment List, a selection interview may be conducted by the hiring department.

Once the department makes their final selection, the department submits notifies Management Services with their selected candidate.

The hiring department will provide the candidate a conditional offer of employment letter. Management Services will then proceed with a background investigation, Live Scan fingerprint (based on position) as well as making a medical examination.

The onboarding process typically takes two weeks, but could be as long as six months. Some titles will need a Police-led background which takes approximately 3-6 months.

Upon completion of the selection process, all unsuccessful candidates will be notified by e-mail.

The City of Burbank's Civil Service Rule XII, Sections 3, states that an applicant may appeal the results of a recruitment examination. Applicants may appeal a written examination only based on a clerical or machine error, ambiguity, and/or factual error. Applicants may appeal other parts of the recruitment examination only if mechanical errors in rating or scoring, fraud, prejudice, and/or unfair or unreasonable conduct of the examination. 

Appeals must be submitted in writing to the Management Services Director within five (5) working days after the notification (date on the e-mail notification) and it must mention the specific reason(s) for and the evidence supporting the appeal request. 

Any appeal that does not meet the requirements as described above will be denied. The appellant will be notified in writing of the decision regarding the appeal. For any additional questions regarding the appeals process, please contact Human Resources at (818) 238-5031.
To submit your DD214, you may
(1) attach it to your application;
(2) email it to CityJobs@Burbankca.gov;
(3) fax it to 818-238-5036; or
(4) deliver to 301 East Olive Ave., #100, Burbank 91502.

**You must submit your DD14 for every application submitted**

Veterans' preference is given for service during certain periods of war or national emergency (dates are on file in Human Resources) on open examinations only. Qualified veterans, widows or spouses of disabled veterans who pass the examination(s) are eligible. To claim preference, applicants must submit a copy of the DD214 or other acceptable proof of service with their application.
References will be called before a conditional offer is made to the candidate and after mutual interest is established.
The hiring department makes the final decision on the selection of a candidate.
The hiring department determines the type of recruitment that should be administered in consultation with Management Services.

Factors used to determine whether a recruitment should be only internal include the number of potentially qualified internal candidates and the level of the position.
Employees hired into Exempt from Civil Services classifications do not have any property or vested right to their position and may be terminated at any time without cause or recourse.