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Employee Compensation & MOUs

Job Specifications, Salary Listings, MOUs, and Compensation Plan Resolutions are only valid through specific dates and are updated as quickly as possible after they are approved by the City Council.

Please contact the Management Services Department at (818) 238-5026 for specific information.

View the current City of Burbank Salary Listing (PDF)
View the Civil Service Rules (PDF)
In an effort to provide transparent information to the public regarding City employee earnings, the following calendar year reports are available:

City Employees with Gross Earnings Greater than $100,000 Report
2023                           2015   
2022                           2014
2021                            2013
2020                           2012
2019                            2011
2018                            2010
2017                            2009

City Council Gross Earnings Report
2023                           2015       
2022                           2014*
2021                            2013       
2020                           2012
2019                            2011        
2018                            2010  
2017                            2009   


Please note total pre-tax Gross Earnings includes all types of earnings, such as base pay, overtime pay, cafeteria plan contribution for purchase of medical insurance, payout of all remaining accumulated leave at time of separation from the City of Burbank (as allowed under MOUs and applicable Resolutions), and other pay and cash benefits. Other pay and cash benefits include:

  • Differential Payments/Special Compensation for specific additional duties or certifications
  • Working Out of Class payments
  • Cash Benefits (such as, car allowance, mileage, professional development, rideshare incentive, tool allowance, uniform allowance, and wellness incentive)
  • Imputed Income (the value of certain non-cash benefits that must be taxed per IRS regulations)
  • Signing and retention pay

Beginning in 2016, the reports have accumulated leave payouts at time of separation as a separate category and the cafeteria plan as a separate category.  Previously, these earnings were included in the other pay and cash benefits category. 

*The 2014 reports include earnings of an additional pay period. This equates to 27 pay periods instead of the traditional 26 pay periods per year. The additional pay period occurs every 11 years.

A description of the employees' benefits can be found here.