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Business License

The majority of businesses that do business in Burbank require a Business Tax Registration. Please refer to our Business Tax page first before consulting the list of businesses that require a special Business License.

Do I Need a Business License or a Business Tax?

If your business appears on this list, your business needs a Business License. The most common application forms may be downloaded from the Business License applications page. Some businesses require submittal of a general Business Application and a Supplemental Application. 

Business Licenses are regulatory by nature and are not intended for the purpose of generating revenue. There are over 80 types of regulatory business licenses. Business license fees reflect the cost of processing the business license by City departments. Burbank-based Business License applications require Zoning Review by Planning Division. A fee applies. Fees are based on a fiscal year basis, beginning in July and ending in June. 

Click here for our Applications page.

Can I Make Changes to my Business License Account?

City of Burbank business licenses are not transferable. Any change as to the ownership of the business, the location of the business, business name, or the nature of business conducted, will require a new business tax certificate or business license which will be subject to all applicable approvals, a change fee, and zoning review fee.

Businesses who have premises located in Burbank shall post their business license certficate on the premises. For those businesses who operate in Burbank without a fixed location, a copy of the registration or license shall be carried on their person. If a vehicle is involved in the business activity, the vehicle may be required to display a current year decal affixed for identification and acknowledgement of payment.

If  you are unsure if your business needs a Business License, please contact us at 818-238-5280

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