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Pre-Approved ADU Program

The Building & Safety Division is currently accepting permit applications for 12 pre-approved accessory dwelling unit (ADU) projects from Los Angeles Pre-Approved ADU program. The 12 units have been selected based upon their design criteria matching our local Municipal Code. The Building & Safety and Planning Divisions have worked together to provide these options to the general public. 

Pre-Approved ADU applications will be required to provide the following on the initial application for clarity. The following types of Building Permit Applications are considered Tier 1 projects and have a streamlined submittal process. Customers with a project that only includes the items identified below, shall complete a Building Permit Application and submit to Building & Safety Division via email building@burbankca.gov

  • Address
  • Construction Valuation.
  • Description of Work
  • Description of work is to note “Pre-Approved ADU #_____. Along the description of the unit, including the square footage.
  • Property Owner Information
  • Applicant Information, indicate if Pre-Approved Design Firm is submitting or another is?
  • Any deviation from L.A. Standard Pre-Approved ADU Plan will require Plan Check review, and any reduced timeframes for review will be null and void.
  • Contact the Building & Safety Division via email at eplancheck@burbankca.gov  for access to our online review portal named ProjectDox.
  • Customers can access electronic copies of the applicable Building Permit Applications at the Building and Safety Applications Webpage. Within three to seven business days, the Building Division will contact customers with feedback and next steps.
  • Applicant will need to provide the following Site Specific information:
  • Site Plan indicating where the ADU is to be located
  • Energy Report
  • Pre-Approved ADU General Information Sheet

The following ADU’s are accepted by the City of Burbank and have been reviewed by City Staff for Building and Municipal Code Compliance. Applicants can access and contact the design firms through the provided weblinks to the individual webpages located on Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety's (LADBS) website. For more information contact building@burbankca.gov

ADU1 The Breadbox ADU by Welcome Projects
1-story, 1-bedroom with 560 sf
ADU12 IT House ADU by IT House
1-story, studio with 200 sf
ADU13 IT House ADU by IT House
1-story including mechanical room with 700 sf
ADU14 Connect Homes ADU by Connect Homes
1 story 1 bedroom - HCD Approved with 460 sf
ADU15 Connect Homes ADU by Connect Homes
1 story 1 bedroom - HCD Approved with 640 sf
ADU17 IT House ADU by IT House
1-story studio with 360 sf
ADU26 SO – IL ADU by SO - IL
1-story, 1 bedroom with 693 sf
ADU31 Yakov Design ADU by Yakov Design
1-story, 1-bedroom with 750 sf
ADU34 Complete Package Drafting ADU by Complete Package Drafting
1-story, 1-bedroom with 600 sf

Cottage 1 Bedroom ADU by Cottage
1-story, 1-bedroom with 500 sf 

ADU38 Yakov Design ADU by Yakov Design
1-story, 1-bedroom with 497 sf
ADU57 Tom Marble Architecture (TMA) ADU by Tom Marble Architecture (TMA)
1-story, 1-bedroom with 847 sf


For more information, customers can contact the Building Division via email  at building@burbankca.gov or via phone at (818) 238-5220. Planning Division may be contacted at planning@burbankca.gov.

Applications may be downloaded from our Building Permit Applications page.
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