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Long Range Planning

Long Range Planning is the City's long-range policy and strategic planning activities, which include analyzing and preparing various documents through a public process such as the City's General Plan, Specific Plans, zoning regulations, and other land use studies.

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current projects

Update to the single-family residential zones.

Identify existing and future housing needs and establishes goals, policies, and programs.  

Identify goals, policies, guidelines, and develop plan for future development and improvements in the Golden State District. 

Identify goals, policies, guidelines, and develop an implementation plan for future development and improvements in Downtown Burbank.

Quantify Burbank's greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

Fostering a safe, beautiful and thriving community that embraces future mobility investments.

Specific Plans

Specific Plans are policy documents that provide land use policies and development standards for certain areas of the City.  Specific plans may be used to protect and preserve the character of a certain area, to promote economic development and redevelopment, coordinate infrastructure or improvements, or some combination thereof.  

Master Plans

Master Plans are special zoning standards adopted to preserve and enhance key neighborhoods within the City, typically focused on land uses and development/design standards only.