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Business License Applications

Business License Applications

Certain business require a regulatory Business License. If your business appears on this list (PDF) and says "Business License required", your business needs a Business License. All other businesses on the list need a  Business Tax registration. The most common Business License application forms may be downloaded from this page. Some businesses require a general Business Application and a Supplemental Application. 

Business Application - Burbank based (PDF)
Business Application - Based Out of Town (PDF)

Credit Card Form (PDF)

Supplemental Applications

Additional Insured Endorsement (PDF)

Auction - Bond Form (PDF)

Bingo - Application (PDF)

Christmas Tree Lot (PDF)

Curb Painting - Bond Form (PDF)

Dancing with Alcohol (PDF)

Day Nursery (PDF)

Entertainment (Daily or Annual) (PDF)

Firearms Dealers - Gross Receipts Form (PDF)

Firearms Dealer - Special Police Department Application (PDF)

Foodtruck - Application (PDF)

Food Delivery (PDF)

Health Club - Bond (PDF)

Itinerant Merchant

Junk Collector (PDF)

Junk Dealer (PDF)

Kennel - Application (PDF)

Lunch Service Vehicle

Massage Establishment (PDF)

Massage Technician - Medical Form (PDF)

Massage Technician - Application (PDF)

Pawnbroker (PDF)

Peddler - Yearly or Daily (PDF)

Pet Shop - Application (PDF)

Private Ambulance (PDF)

Private Day School (PDF)

Psychic Arts - Application (PDF)

Rental Equipment - Instructions (PDF)

Rubbish Collector - Application (PDF)

Rubbish Collector - Bond (PDF)

Secondhand Dealer (PDF)

Sidewalk Vendor (PDF)

Solicitor Company - Application (PDF)

Solicitor Individual or Working Under Company Blanket (PDF)

Taxi Company - Owner Application (PDF)

Taxi License Requirements (PDF)

Taxi Driver - Application (PDF)

Taxi Vehicle Inspection Checklist (PDF)

Tobacco Retailer - Application (PDF)

Tow Truck Business - Application (PDF)

Tow Truck Driver - Application (PDF)

Vehicle List (PDF)

If  you are unsure if your business needs a Business License, please contact a Permit Technician at 818-238-5280 or cdd-license@burbankca.gov. Put New Business License Application in the Subject line.