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R-1 Standard Update

On October 25, 2021, a proposed Zone Text Amendment (ZTA) to update regulations on R-1 and R-1-H Single Family Residential zones and continuation of nonconforming structures (Title 10, Chapter 1 of the Burbank Municipal Code) will be presented at the Planning Board meeting. The update includes proposed modifications to planning review process and specified development standards for remodels, additions, and new construction of single family dwellings. More specifically the proposed ZTA includes the following: 

  1. Increasing the maximum top of the plate height of single family dwelling to 22 feet

  2. Allowing attic spaces up to 5 feet in height to be exempt from FAR calculation

  3. Limiting top of the roof height of front porches

  4. Updating triggers for Single Family Development Permit – all new single-story homes and additions up to a certain height will be exempt from SFDP. Moreover, SFDP will be applicable for second story additions that exceed 700 SF and have visibility from front street

  5. Allowing a 20-foot driveway width in the front yard, provided at least 55% of the front yard is landscaped

  6. Removing Hillside Development Permit discretionary approval for pools and spas proposed on flat lands with less than 5 % slope within the hillside area of the City

  7. Updating regulations on fences, walls, and retaining walls to clearly define a reference grade for measurement of height

  8. Addition of text regulating design standards for additions and construction of new homes that are exempt from SFDP discretionary approval

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