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Permits - Intro

In response to COVID-19 restrictions, the Public Works counter will continue our efforts to process permits electronically. We have limited in-person access and appointments are encouraged. Walk-ins will be served upon availability.

To schedule an appointment please call (818)238-3950 or email [email protected]


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Fees are reviewed annually and posted by Financial Services

Address Assignment Permits are issued to add, delete, or change existing addresses (BMC Title 7, Chapter 3, Article 9). 

Address Assignment Permits are routed through the Community Development Department for Building Division and Planning Division approval and may be routed through the Fire and Police Departments if public safety could be affected by the change. 

Address Assignment Permit Application (PDF)
Temporary and long-term Encroachment Permits are issued to allow the use of City-owned right-of-way (BMC TItle 7, Chapter 3, Article 7). Example uses of City owned right-of-way include sidewalk outside dining, parkway improvement, and placement of fiber optic cables in City right-of-way.

In addition to completing the permit application form, applicants must meet the City’s insurance requirements (PDF) for Public Works permits. 

Encroachment General Guidelines (PDF)
Temporary Encroachment Application (PDF)
Tie to Private Property Encroachment Application (PDF)
Outside Dining Encroachment Application (PDF)
Temporary Outside Dining Encroachment Application (PDF)


Some encroachments require an excavation permit.
Excavation Permits (PDF) are issued for construction projects requiring excavation, trenching or any type of digging in the City right of way (BMC Title 7, Chapter 1, Article 206(b)). Construction projects on private property must obtain a Building Permit Building Division.

Excavation Permits may require routing to additional departments for approval depending on the project size and scope. Generally, construction projects with plans and construction projects of any size that do not conform to construction standards require routing. Small improvements without plans that conform to building standards do not require routing.

In addition to completing the permit application form, applicants must meet the City’s insurance requirements (PDF) for Public Works permits. 

Excavation Permit Requirements (PDF)
General Excavation Permit Application (PDF)
Utilities Excavation Permit Application (PDF)
Open House Sign permits are issued for temporary real estate open house signs. The placement of these signs in Public Rights-of-Way require permits and is regulated by BMC Title 5, Chapter 3, Article 4, Section 402.2.

To obtain the permit, applicants must meet the City’s insurance requirements (PDF) for Public Works permits. 

Open House Sign Pemit Application (PDF)

Other Details

  • The permit includes a pair of decals to be displayed on each side of the sign(s). 
  • Permits are issued on an annual basis with a term from July 1 to June 30. 
Industrial Waste Permits are issued to sewer customers discharging industrial waste as part of the City’s wastewater pretreatment program (PDF). These customers are classified according to amount of waste discharged, strength of flow, and type of businesses (BMC Title 8, Chapter 1, Article 5). 
Newsrack Permits allow newspapers and other permitted publications to locate newsracks within the City of Burbank (BMC Title 5, Chapter 3, Article 10). These permits help the City regulate maintenance and location standards. 

Newsrack Permit Application (PDF)

Parking permits are issued by the Community Development Department. Call (818) 238-5290 or email [email protected].

See "Street Use" tab below for moving truck and container permits. 

Storm Drain Connection (PDF)
Industrial Waste Discharge Permit Application (PDF)
Water Quality Agreement (PDF)
Fire Suppression System Discharges (PDF)
Record Keeping Form - Drinking Water Supply Discharges (PDF)
Drinking Water Supply Discharges (PDF)
Discharge Permit - Decorative Fountains (PDF)
Street & Sidewalk Washing Discharge Permit (PDF)
Non-Profit Car Washing Discharge Permit (PDF)
Sewer Lateral User Rebate Program (SLURP)
SLURP Rebate Form (PDF)
Sewer Capacity Analysis (SCA) Appliction (PDF)

Sewer Connection Permits are issued for construction of sewer connections from private property to sewer main lines (BMC Title 8, Chapter 1, Article 3). Please see the Water Reclamation and Sewer Section website for additional information. 

For repair of lateral or regular "Y" connection in the public right-of-way or within a public utility easement, see excavation permit costs.

Existing Sewer Lateral Location Cards are available by request to [email protected].

Street Use Permits are issued to allow the complete or partial closure of sidewalks or streets for specific, short-term purposes (BMC Title 6, Chapter 1, Articles 17 and 23). Street uses include temporary placement of rolloff bins, containers, placement of cranes, special events, house moving, roofing, painting, and no parking sign installation. 

Rolloff bin permits are valid for 14 days; all other street use permits are valid up to 5 days, Monday through Friday, except in special circumstances evaluated on a case by case basis.

Depending on the street use requested, the permit may require traffic control plans. Permits requiring traffic control plans are generally routed through the Traffic Division for approval. 

To obtain the permit, applicants must meet the City’s insurance requirements (PDF) for Public Works permits. 

Street Use Permit Application (PDF)


A refundable deposit may be required for some street use permits. 

Transportation Permits are issued for the transportation of oversized loads in the City (BMC Title 6, Chapter 1, Article 25).  

Transportation Permit Application (PDF)
Water Discharge Permits are issued to residents/businesses who wish to drain their swimming pool and discharge the water into the street gutter or alley (BMC Title 8, Chapter 1, Article 6). Water Discharge Permits and are routed through Public Works Engineering, Traffic, and Field Services Divisions for approval.

The permit allows the City to regulate discharge into the storm drain system and ensure that the City complies with federal storm drain laws.  

Water Discharge Permit Application (PDF)
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