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Traffic Section

Traffic Intro

The Traffic Section ensures the safe and efficient movement of people in the City.

The engineering staff approves traffic designs and standards and construction zone traffic control, investigates public requests, conducts traffic safety analysis, completes capital projects, reviews development plans, and provides traffic support to Public Works Engineering and the Community Development Departments.

The signal maintenance crew members and traffic management center operators maintain and manage 200 traffic signals with synchronized operation using Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) devices to improve traffic flow throughout the City.

The signing and striping crew members maintain 20,000 signs and an area of street markings equivalent to 11 football fields!

Do you have a traffic concern?
Report traffic concerns on our new Our Burbank 311 portal or download from the App Store or Google Play.  This may include reporting a traffic light outage, missing or damaged traffic sign, or signal operation concerns. You may also submit requests for traffic engineering studies (speed humps and stop signs) or additional information.  

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Speed Humps

  • The City will install speed humps if your street meets Council adopted criteria (PDF)
  • Criteria includes technical analysis such as vehicle speeds and traffic counts.
  • If desired, please contact Public Works to request an investigation.

Stop Signs, Crosswalks, and Traffic Signals

  • The City will install stop signs, a marked crosswalk, or a traffic signal if a location meets criteria in the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.
  • Criteria includes the number of collisions, traffic counts, and pedestrian counts.
  • Crosswalks across major streets will require flashers or a traffic signal.

Red Curb

  • The City will install red curb if you cannot see oncoming traffic.
  • Red curb will be a minimum of 10 feet long
Note: Requests for any of the above require an investigative study, technical analysis, and approval by Traffic Engineering. Please contact us for additional information.

Traffic video may be obtained by submitting a Public Records Request (PDF) and paying $57.00 per disc requested. 
Please note, there is a 2% administrative fee for all credit card transactions.

Most requests can be formatted to fit onto a single disc. Regardless, we will contact you to confirm prior to requesting payment.

License plate numbers are generally not legible in video. 

Location, Hours, and Contact
150 N. Third Street
Burbank, CA 91502
Monday through Friday
7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.