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Flood Control

Flood Control

It is important to begin flood control measures in advance of the rainy season in order to allow ample time for planning and installing any necessary protective devices. Once large drainage flows and/or flood flows have begun, protective measures will be difficult, if not impossible, to initiate and be effective.

Even though growth may be seen on Burbank hillsides, it does not necessarily mean that the potential for mud flows has been removed. The danger of mud flows is still very real during large amounts of rainfall in short periods of time. Early preparation is the most effective way to protect properties. Residents and business owners are reminded to clear their properties’ drainage benches, gutters and roof drains, and check sump pumps and drain lines to subterranean parking areas prior to storm events.

Free Sandbags*

If residents need sandbags for the upcoming rainy season, the City recommends stocking up at local home improvement stores or online retailers.  If there is rain in the forecast, and sandbags were unavailable elsewhere, Burbank residents and businesses may receive up to 25 sandbags (with proof of residency and while supplies last).  The sandbags will be available 48 hours prior to a likely storm event between 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and weekends if storms are imminent.  However, it is best to prepare for the rainy season ahead of time by obtaining sandbags from local home improvement stores or online retailers. 

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