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SB 1383-Business Organics Recycling Requirements

SB1383 Business Recycling Intro

All Burbank businesses, including multi-family properties, must be in compliance either through organics recycling (and other requirements) or qualifying for a waiver. Find a waste hauler to get your business compliant with state disposal requirements on our Permitted Haulers List (PDF)

Review Requirements

Generator Requirements (PDF):
  • Subscribe to and actively participate in an organics recycling collection service or self-haul organic waste to an approved facility. 
  • Properly sort organic waste to keep the material free of contaminants and unwanted debris.
In addition to providing organics service for tenants, Property Owners/Managers must:
  • Allow access to an adequate number, size, and location of containers with correct labels is available
  • Provide collection containers for organic waste and recyclables to employees, contractors, tenants, and customers.
  • Provide indoor containers for organic waste and recyclables in all areas where disposal containers are provided for customers, except in restrooms (multi-family dwellings are exempt). 
  • Inspect containers for contamination

Contact your Waste Hauler or Plan to Self-haul

Contact your waste hauler:
Your waste hauler can provide technical assistance and an assessment of the types of organics service you will need, along with educational materials and staff training.

Don't have a waste hauler? Find one on our list of licensed haulers (PDF).

Plan to Self-Haul:
SB 1383 regulations do allow customers to self-haul their recycling and organics waste, if they follow certain rules. Entities that self-haul must show proof of their program. 

Provide Ongoing Education 

Supporting your employees, tenants and customers with education, clear signage, as-needed training, and reinforcements on proper sorting rules will reduce contamination of the organic materials and avoid possible fines in the future.

Check out the free food donation and rescue app that makes it easy to connect business to nonprofits and track donations.

Discover possible partnerships with Food Recovery Organizations (FRO) that service Burbank. 

Visit the Food Donation and Recovery Outreach Program for helpful reources on food donation including a regional map of FRO's. 
CalRecycle is the state agency responsible for creating the regulatory standards and oversight for SB 1383 and other waste diversion mandates, including: 
  • Mandatory Commercial Recycling AB 341
    • Since 2012, State law has required businesses, including apartment communities/multi-family housing with 5 or more units, to recycle.
  • Mandatory Commercial Organic Recycling AB 1826
The complete text on the final regulations for SB 1383 on the CalRecycle website.

More information can be found on CalRecycle's FAQ's page with answers to the most frequently asked questions about the statewide implementation of this new law. 

For questions on compliance issues, email us at ZeroWaste@burbankca.gov.

While SB 1383 regulations do not allow businesses to opt-out of recycling and organics recycling requirements, the City of Burbank may grant temporary exemptions upon a review process for the following issues:  

De minimis waiver
Weekly trash generation is below the minimum organic waste thresholds:  

  • Two cubic yards per week of solid waste (trash, recycling and organics), including 20 gallons or less of organic waste

  • Less than two cubic yards per week of solid waste (trash, recycling and organics), including 10 gallons or less of organic waste

Physical space waiver
The commercial business or property owner provides documentation, or the City has evidence from its staff, a hauler, licensed architect, or, licensed engineer demonstrating that the premises lack adequate space for recycling and/or organic waste containers.

If you feel your business qualifies for a waiver, send a completed form (PDF) to ZeroWaste@burbankca.gov.
You can pick up a printed copy at the Burbank Recycle Center office if needed. 

This letter, also available in Spanish (PDF) and Armenian (PDF), summarizes the new municipal code requirements. 

View our SB 1383 Compliance Checklist (PDF), available in Spanish (PDF) and Armenian (PDF), for additional information. 

SB 1383 Technical Assistance 

Your waste hauler is your best resource to assess what level of organics service you need.  Ask your hauler if they will provide bin signage and other outreach materials to help educate your employees and customers.

For additional questions not found on the CalRecycle links or FAQ's, contact us at ZeroWaste@burbankca.gov.