Permits Frequently Asked Questions

Permits - FAQs

I have several questions and I am not sure who to contact.

Call the Public Works Department at (818) 238-3915 or (818) 238-3950 and your inquiry will be directed accordingly.


Who can I contact about street parking in residential areas?

Contact Community Development to inquire about parking.


I want to build a fence, who do I need to speak with?

Contact the Building Department at (818) 238-5220 for all information regarding guidelines and restriction.


Can Public Works give me information regarding the location of my property line?

No, you will need to hire a license surveyor to determine the property lines.


What kind of information can I get from Public Works regarding my property?

Public Works can only provide information on lot size and easements locations.


I have comments, questions, concerns about trash pick-up, who can I contact?

Visit Trash & Recycling or call (818) 238-3800.


How can I obtain a dumpster?

Temporary dumpsters are available for rent through Trash Services.
For a large dumpster container permit contact us at (818) 238-3950 or visit our office.


I have a complaint about my neighbor who can I contact?

For issues regarding:


Do I need a permit to empty my pool on to the street?

 Yes, all water discharge requires a permit. You must us at (818) 238-3950 or visit our office to obtain a permit.


The trees in the parkway (sidewalk) need trimming, can I do it myself?

No, You must notify Burbank's Parkway Tree Services at (818) 238-5304 and they will take care of the problem.


Trees are uplifting my sidewalk, who can I notify?

Please contact Street & Sidewalk Maintenance at (818) 238-3800.


I want to redo my driveway, who do I need to contact?

If the driveway is on private property, call Building Department at (818) 238-5220.

If the affected area is on the sidewalk, including driveway approach, contact the us at Public Works at (818) 238-3950


I'm a contractor working on the city streets and I need to close a traffic lane and or an ally. Who do I need to contact?

Call Public Works at (818) 238-3915 and ask to speak to a traffic engineer for traffic control guidelines. You can also visit the Traffic section of the Online Counter to read the General Traffic Control Requirements.

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