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Aquatic Sports

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Program Descriptions & requirements
Learn how to effectively prevent and respond to aquatic emergencies with the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training program. Upon successful completeion, participants will receive certifications in:
  • American Red Cross Lifeguard Training
  • First Aid for Public Safety Personnel
Class sessions are a combination of online and in-class videos, demonstrations, and exercises. Classes will have periodic breaks.

Prerequisites & Requirements:
  • 16- years old by the last day of the class (verified by birth certificate).
  • Successful completion of in-water skills asssessment on first schedule class date.
  • Attendance at all scheduled class & testing sessions
  • Participation in all activites and skills
  • Passing scores on assessments & and successful demonstration of skills.

Registration and/or successful completion of this course in no way guarantees employment with the City of Burbank. Interested candidates should apply with the City online at www.BurbankCA.gov. For more information please email [email protected]

For upcoming classes, please check out the Aquatics Tab at  www.BurbankParks.com. American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Courses are currently free for all candidates.

For information on Aquatics Recruitment, view the Aquatic Employment tab on the Aquatics Page.

For all other questions, please email [email protected] or call the Aquatics Office at (818) 238-5391 and speak with a supervisor.

The Burbank Junior Lifeguard program will teach participants the fundamental skills necessary to excel as a lifesaving professional. Participants will learn basic aquatic rescues, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and other first aid skills to aid those in need. Successful participation will provide Junior Lifeguards the ability to shadow Burbank Lifeguards in their duties. Upon successful completion of the class, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Prerequisites: Individuals must be able to swim 100 yards front crawl, 50 yards back stroke, and 25 yards breast stroke without stopping. Individuals must also be able to tread water for one (1) minute without stopping. 

Disclaimer: Registration or participation in this program in no way guarantees employment with the City of Burbank. No other certifications will be issued at completion of the course. Individuals interested in employment or further certifications through the City of Burbank may visit www.burbankca.gov for more information.

The Youth Swim Team is for participants interested in competing at the recreational level or who are looking for a more advanced workout. Practices are geared towards, strength, conditioning, and race preperation. Swimmers may have the option to participate in competitions based on availability. Participats  may not hold a USA Swimming card within the past 12 months. 

The first day of practice will be reserved for a formal evalution and parent meeting. Though participants will be encouraged to compete, competition is not a requirement for this program.

The ability to swim:
  • 100 continuous yards front crawl
  • 100 continusous yards backstroke
  • 25 yards breaststroke 
  • 25 yards butterly

To view current offering please check out our Recreation Guide. Register for classes at burbankparks.com

Swim Team Fundamentals will provide additional stroke refinement as well as teach new or young participants the basics necessary to progress to the Youth Swim Team. Practices will focus on technique for strokes, starts, turns and finishes, teach necessary drills, and focus on general swim team knowledge required to practice at a higher capacity. Participant efforts will culminate at the end of the session with an intersquad meet to assess personal progress. Participants that excel in this program will be eligible to progress into the Youth Swim Team.

Prerequisite: The ability to swim 50 yards continuous freestyle using appropriate turns, 50 yards continuous backstroke using appropriate turns, 25 yards breaststroke, and working knowledge of butterfly, OR proof of Level 3 swim evaluation required prior to the start of the class.

The Breakthrough Sports Swim Training Academy is elite training for youth swimmers of ALL skill levels at an affordable price.  Breakthrough Sports coaches, including former professionals, will focus on specific aspects of stroke mechanics and muscle memory for all four competitive strokes. Each day will focus on one of the competitive strokes; breaking the stroke down into body balance, leg propulsion, arm proportion, timing and rhythm. This program is designed to help swimmers practice skills that will assist them with their local community team, club team, high school team and more.

* This is not a Learn-to-Swim program. Participants must have a basic understanding of most strokes.

The Youth Water Polo Team is a recreational competitive team where participant will learn fundamental game strategy and skills necessary to play. Conditioning, passing, shooting, defensive and offensive skills and strategy, as well as good sportsmanship will be emphasized at each meeting. Participants will be divided into age-based group to facilitate appropriate development and competition. Various matches will be scheduled throughout the session with various teams from other nearby cities.

Prerequisite & Requirements: The ability to swim 50 yards continuous front crawl and back stroke, as well as the ability to tread in deep water for 1 minute. Proof of a Swim Evaluation required.

The ability to swim:
  • 50 continuous yards front crawl
  • 1 minute treading in deep water
The Breakthrough Sports Water Polo Training Academy is elite training for youth water polo players of ALL skill levels at an affordable price.  Breakthrough Sports coaches will develop shooting, blocking, treading and swimming mechanics, improve water polo IQ and most importantly boost confidence in a fun environment. This program is designed to help water polo players learn and practice skills that will assist them with their local community team, club team, high school team and more.