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How to Adopt

Find Your Perfect Match
Stop by our Shelter to see our pets in their kennels during regular hours of operation or meet our pets online.
Adoption screenings are conducted Tuesday - Saturday from 12:00 pm to 4:30 pm. Adoption screenings are offered on a first come, first-served basis. 
Bring your completed adoption questionnaire to your screening or complete one at the Shelter before meeting the pet you are interested in adopting. 
Submit a DOG adoption questionnaire.
Submit a CAT adoption questionnaire
Submit an adoption questionnaire for OTHER PETS
If the meet-and-greet is successful and you decide to adopt, Shelter staff will help you finalize your adoption!

Adoption Raffles

Raffles are held for popular pets. Winners are invited to a meet and greet (adoption not guaranteed). More information can be found in the pet's profile.

Although indoor/outdoor situations are preferred, the Burbank Animal Shelter sometimes gets dogs in that are more comfortable in and favor living outdoors. These are usually larger breed dogs that might not adjust well living primarily indoors. These dogs can be identified by green Kennel Cards, located on their cages. It’s still very important that these dogs get all the care that an indoor dog would get. BAS has instated this program because we believe that all homeless animals should be given a chance to be adopted and live a happy life.
The Outdoor dogs picked for the program are:

  • Usually high energy with little to no training (yet)

  • Most comfortable in an outdoor setting

  • Usually a larger breed dog that is not typically vulnerable around any wildlife

In addition to our Adoption Agreement, other requirements for providing a safe, loving, home to an Outdoor dog are:

  • Access to fresh food and water always.

  • Suitably sized outdoor shelter and/or access to an indoor area like a garage, well insulated shed, or other, at all times, especially during inclement weather.

  • Grooming as needed. Regular baths or grooming trips depending on coat.

  • A secure, fenced yard, where a dog is able to roam freely with no tethering or crating or being confined to an area that is not appropriate for the dog’s size. 

  • Regular veterinary care, including keeping vaccines up to date and flea/tick treatments current. Applying fly strike preventatives as needed.

  • Positive reinforcement training, using treats, toys, or anything else that brings joy to the dog.

  • Enrichment activities, such as Kongs, balls, food puzzles, music, and a second companion dog is always a good idea.

  • Most importantly, a lot of interaction and connecting with the dog. All family members need to bond with the dog and spend a good deal of time with him or her. This Outdoor dog will need as much love as any other indoor pet.


  • Every adopter must be atleast 18 years of age.
  • Everyone who lives in the household will need to meet the animal prior to adoption.
  • If you are interested in adopting a dog and currently have a dog(s) at home, a dog introduction is required to take place on the Shelter's premises. Our experienced staff will assist with the introduction.
  • A lease agreement and/or homeowner's insurance policy may be requested prior to adoption.
  • An adoption application must be completed prior to meeting an animal.
Adoption fees
Dogs and cats adopted are provided with a medical exam, flea treatment, vaccinations, microchip and spay or neuter if unaltered before intake. Dogs, cats and rabbits must be spayed or neutered before going home with their new family. 
The Burbank PASS program may provide eligible participants 50% off adoption fees. 

Dog adoption fees range between $130 - 190.

Cat adoption fees range between $90 - 150.

Adoption fees vary by animal. Contact the Shelter for details.
* Fees are approximate and may vary depending on the number of vaccines a pet has received.
Adoption fees are waived for all United States Military Veterans. To have adoption fees waived, veterans must show proof of Veteran status by presenting a Certificate of Release/Discharge from Active Duty or a retired United States military identification card at the time of adoption. Veterans are limited to a maximum of 3 adoptions capped at $1,500 of adoption subsidies.

Veterans applying to adopt eligible pets through the Pets for Patriots program may also receive additional resources including a one-time $150 gift card. To be eligible, adopters must apply for the Pets for Patriots program and be accepted before adopting.