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Forestry Services

A variety of valuable services are offered by the Forestry Services section at no charge to the property owner. Tree maintenance is not provided on private property unless there are hazardous circumstances creating potential public liability.  Public services include routine pruning, planting, removal, watering, trimming for traffic clearance, root pruning, and emergency cleanup. Forestry Services also conducts annual special events that have been recognized at the national level. Two such events are the City of Burbank Annual Arbor Day Ceremony and the Plant-A-Tree Program. This program provides private citizens with the opportunity to donate towards an annual tree-planting project in City parks.

Contact Forestry Services at (818) 238-5304.

Burbank Water and Power (BWP) customers can request free shade trees for their home or business. Residents can select up to 3 trees and Burbank businesses can select up to 20 trees!  

Volunteer with Burbank Parks and Recreation! Grab a shovel and let’s join the campaign in planting trees! We are inviting households to participate in tree plantings at Burbank's beautiful parks!
services provided
  • City Park Tree Pruning and Trimming

  • Parkway Tree Pruning: Remove dead wood, thin out or shape parkway tree.

  • Parkway Tree Trimming: Raise parkway tree limbs for necessary 14-foot traffic clearance.

  • Broken Branches: Pick up limbs from any parkway tree that are broken or hanging.

  • Parkway Tree Removal: Requests are inspected individually and only granted when a justifiable and necessary cause is established per Department's removal policy.

  • Parkway Tree Planting: If a tree has been removed by the City within the last 5 years and sufficient parkway exists, Forestry will plant a tree free of charge.  If there has not been a tree in the parkway for the last 5 years, there is a minimal charge.

  • Electrical Powerline Clearance: Trees that are in contact with electrical power lines are not serviced by the Parks and Recreation Department.  For electrical power line clearance, please contact Burbank Water and Power at (818) 238-3582.

  • Storm Cleanup: After a storm, the Forestry Division will assess the damage and commence the necessary cleanup operations on City streets and public property. ​​

Forestry Division

Contact (818) 238-5304 for tree-related emergencies or general inquiries.