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A variety of wildlife inhabit the beautiful Verdugo mountains. It is important to be aware of safety precautions in case you should encounter wildlife while visiting the Verdugo mountains. To ensure wildlife stays wild, safe and healthy, people should never feed or approach wild animals. Mindful consideration of the safety recommendations will ensure that the beautiful Verdugo mountains continue to be shared harmoniously by both people and wildlife.
Against the Harrassment of Animals
  • No person shall harass any game or nongame bird or mammal or furbearing mammal where harass is defined as an intentional act which disrupts an animal's normal behavior patterns, which includes, but is not limited to breeding, feeding or sheltering. 

Burbank Animal Control responds to Wildlife Calls regarding:

  • Wildlife Sightings
  • Deceased or Injured Wildlife
  • Wildlife Trapping
To submit a request call the Shelter at (818) 238-3340

Humans create many attractants for bears. It's not uncommon to see bears in or around urban areas

Coyotes given access to human food and garbage, tend to lose their natural fear of people.

There is a chance you may be attracting mountain lions to your property without even knowing it.

Deer attracted to food near your home may be attracting mountain lions. Don't ever feed wildlife. 

Rattlesnakes generally retreat if given room and not threatened. Be careful to reduce your chances of being bit.

Raccoons adapt well to urban areas. Distemper outbreaks are seen in raccoons every few years.

It can be easy to persuade a bobcat to keep its distance. They are quiet, shy, and reclusive. 

Opposums eat fruit, rats, ticks, snakes and more therefore helping to reduce garden pests.

Make your property less attractive to skunks by reducing access to food, water, and shelter.

The hawk is a fierce bird of prey that hunts smaller animals and is protected by State law.

Squirrels can carry diseases harmful to people. Never feed or approach a wild squirrel.

Fledglings leave the nest before able to fly. If you find one, often the best thing to do is leave it alone.  

Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease affects both wild and domestic rabbits.

Keeping ducks outside of your pool or yard is much easier than trying to get them out later.

California is home to 25 species of bats. Most are nocturnal and insectivores. 


For more information about wildlife indeginous to Burbank, contact our Shelter.
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